Winter Scramble

About this event:

Created by hdickinson

February 20-24, 2019    Men’s Club Tournament    Winter Scramble    4-man team    $80 per team
FORMAT:    November 15 “frozen” handicap revision will be used.  If a member does not have a frozen handicap, they will be deemed to have a zero handicap. We will play from the Forward (GOLD) Tees.  Each team receives 10% of their combined course handicap.  Teams are allowed to have one non-club member for this event only.  Each team member will tee off on every hole. The best shot is selected and the 3 team members who did not hit the shot will play the 2nd shot from that location. Once again, the 3 team members who did not hit the selected 2nd shot will play the 3rd shot.  This rotation will continue until the ball is holed. One score per hole.  ALL CASH PAYOUTS:  Gross & Net.